“Once You Feel It, You Will Know!”

Ceiling Fan Mister • Residential & Commercial • High Pressure Misting System

The ‘Original’ Patented Ceiling Fan Mister!

“Once You Feel It, You Will Know!”

 The Original Backyard Breeze, Ceiling Fan Mister comes in two boxes & includes all of the following:

Ceiling Fan & Misting System – 

  • 1 Ceiling Fan 52″ with Aluminum Powder Coated Cool Curve Fan Blades for optimal circulation of Air & Mist
  • 6″ Downrod Standard (recommended mounting height 8-10ft, longer downrods available upon request)
  • 1,000psi High Pressure Pump
  • .5 Micron Filter
  • 6 Stainless Steel Powder Coated Misting Arms
  • 100 Feet Flexible High Pressure 3/8″ Tubing with mounting kit
  • 6 (Anti-Drip) Misting Nozzles & 6 Replacement Nozzles

*Each Ceiling Fan Mister can effectively Cool a 20’x20′ Area! (400sq.ft)

*Fan: Limited Lifetime Warranty. Pump + Misting System: 5 year warranty

Outdoor Ceiling Fan

High Pressure Pump


*Pricing Context: Most True High Pressure (1,000psi) Misting Fans & Systems cost between $2,000-$4,000 on average.

*Backyard Breeze provides Commercial Grade, High Quality Fans & Misting Sytems designed to Last for Years with many Residential & Commercial Applications…

*Happy Customer Testimony:  “After 15 years of using our Backyard Breeze every summer, it’s still awesome!” Jaenalyn – Folsom, CA

1 Complete Backyard Breeze, Ceiling Fan Mister System………………………………………………………………………………………….$2,895 (Includes: Outdoor Ceiling Fan 52″ with Cool Curve Blades, 1,000psi High Pressure Pump, .5 Micron Filter, 100 feet of Flexible High Pressure 3/8” Tubing with mounting kit, 6 Misting Arms, 6 Anti-Drip .008 Nozzles & 6 Replacement Nozzles) *Each Pump can run 2 Fans or up to 12 Nozzles.


2nd Backyard Breeze, Ceiling Fan Mister System without Pump………………………………………………………………………………………..….$1,995 (Includes: Outdoor Ceiling Fan 52″ with Cool Curve Blades, 6″ Downrod Standard, 6 Misting Arms, 100 feet of Flexible High Pressure Tubing, 1 Slip-Lok 3/8″ Connector “T”, 6 Anti-Drip Nozzles & 6 Replacement Nozzles) 

High Pressure Misting Line System Add On………………………..$795 (Each pump can run 12 nozzles. An additional 6 nozzles can be added if only running a single fan, then effectively doubling the cooling area on the patio!)  

1 Complete High Pressure Misting Line System…………….$2,185 (Includes: 1,000psi High Pressure Pump, .5 Micron Filter, 150 feet of Flexible High Pressure 3/8” Tubing, 12 Slip-Lok 3/8” Unions, Mounting Kit, 12 Anti-Drip .008 Nozzles, 12 Replacement Nozzles)

Custom Design Systems (multiple fans, complex misting line configurations, larger high pressure pumps & more)

Contact Us for Design & Quote Today!

***Event Rentals of Fans & Misting Systems also Available!***

“Once You Feel It, You Will Know!”

AVAILABLE COLORS: (White, Flat Black, Expresso Brown)

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How High Pressure Misters cool the surrounding air:

High pressure misters work by spraying a fine mist of water into the air, which evaporates and cools the surrounding air. When water evaporates, it absorbs heat energy from its surroundings, which causes the air temperature to drop. The process of evaporation also requires energy, which is taken from the water itself, causing its temperature to drop as well. The combination of these two effects results in a cooling of the surrounding air.

The cooling effect of high pressure misters is enhanced by the use of high pressure pumps, which produce a finer mist of water droplets that can more easily evaporate into the air. The finer mist also has a larger surface area, which allows for more efficient evaporation and cooling.

High pressure misters are often used in outdoor settings, such as patios or amusement parks, to provide a refreshing and cooling environment for people to enjoy. They are also used in a variety of other applications, such as in agriculture to cool and humidify greenhouses, and in industrial settings to cool and humidify process areas.

How using our fan mister system will enhance the cooling of your space:

Using The Original Backyard Breeze fan in conjunction with high pressure misters can help to cool the air in a couple of different ways.

First, the mist from the misters will help to cool the air by evaporative cooling. As the mist evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, which causes the air temperature to drop. By using a fan to circulate the air, you can help to distribute the cooled air throughout the area and increase the overall cooling effect.

Second, the movement of the air caused by the fan can also help to increase the cooling effect of the misters. As the air moves, it will come into contact with your skin, which will help to cool your body down through convective cooling.

Overall, using a fan with high pressure misters can be an effective way to cool the air and provide a comfortable environment in hot, dry conditions.

Water is Forced into a Fine Fog

Water is forced at high pressure through nozzles with tiny, 0.008” opening (a fraction of the size of a human hair), forming a fine, fog-like mist with billions of microscopic droplets.

Flash Evaporation Cools the Air

When water droplets evaporate, changing from a liquid to a gas, the surrounding air cools – a phenomenon known as “flash evaporation.” Millions of these droplets are evaporating every second.

Smaller Droplets are Better

Low pressure systesm create larger, heavier droplets that fall to the ground, wetting people, equipment and surrounds with minimal cooling. In contrast, our high-pressure nozzles create fine mist droplets that flash evaporate and cool the air almost instantly.

Experience Cool and Comfortable with The Original Backyard Breeze

When water droplets flash evaporate, it produces a rapid drop in temperature of up to 25 degrees & you Stay Dry!