The ‘Original’ Patented Ceiling Fan Mister!

Ceiling Fan Mister ™ • Residential & Commercial • High Pressure Misting System


Backyard Breeze, Inc. is a California company that was formed in 2005 by its current President and CEO, Bryan DeVorss, in order to showcase the new patented product “The Original” Backyard Breeze, Ceiling Fan Mister ™. The idea was conceived several years before the company was actually formed, however the timing wasn’t right until Bryan had the proper resources in place and was certain that this product could truly be a great success! After much research, consideration and prayer, a team of successful professionals was assembled in order to make this idea a reality…“The Original” Backyard Breeze, Ceiling Fan Mister ™was designed to provide relief from uncomfortable conditions that prevent you from enjoying your backyard relaxation, while saving energy and money. You control the level of comfort by utilizing the one or all of the three different systems that were incorporated into one convenient product: Ceiling fan; which is used to distribute a cooling breeze, Misting System; that distributes a fine cooling mist which upon evaporation can cool the outside temperature in a designated area up to 25 degrees and Lighting Fixture; to determine the level of light desired.

Backyard Breeze Inc. set out to provide a complete fan and misting system in one offered in  different colors.  No matter what model you select, know that our company is determined to provide a quality product for your satisfaction. Our company is committed to providing the #1 best selling products in our industry by maintaining the highest integrity level possible, while having the support of biblical truth as our foundation for the way we do business.

Thank You for your interest in our company,

Backyard Breeze, Inc.

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